I am passionate about transforming disorganized, cluttered spaces into healthy, supportive environments and designing systems that my clients can easily maintain on their own.

My clients include people who are concerned about a holistic lifestyle, are environmentally conscious, and lead active and dynamic lives. They’re typically busy professionals, and busy families who are looking for a level of support, accountability and structure.

Services I offer include:

Onsite Organizing

  • clutter control
  • paper/filing systems
  • storage solutions
  • space planning
  • recycling systems
  • green living tips 

Onsite Organizing Rates:

Hourly – $100/hour (3 hour minimum)

12 hour package – $1080 ($90/hour) 

24 hour package – $1920 ($80/hour)


Virtual Organizing

What is virtual organizing?

 A virtual organizing session is done via Zoom or Face Time and lasts between 1 to 2 hours. Like onsite appointments, I will assist you with the decision making process, provide guidance and/or resources when necessary, and be available for encouragement and accountability. The only difference is I am not there to do the  physical work.

What are the benefits of virtual organizing?

  • In this time of COVID-19 with people under Shelter In Place orders, it is a great way to get organized with the help of a professional organizer
  • It is an affordable option to getting your home organized, as each session is usually less than two hours
  • Due to shorter sessions, it is easier to find time in your busy schedule
  • Evening and weekend sessions are available

Virtual Organizing is for you if you are:

  • able to lift and move your own belongings
  • familiar with technology – uploading photos/videos, texting or emailing photos/videos, and using Zoom or Face Time
  • ready for change
  • self motivated and able to work independently and complete small tasks on your own

All packages include:

  • 30 minute assessment phone call (with photos)
  • Video conference call
  • Email recap following video chat
  • Email/text support in between sessions
  • Discard & donate resources

Virtual Organizing Rates

Individual Call                                                      $100/call

4 Calls/Month (once a week)                               $90/call

8 Calls/Month  (twice a week)                             $85/call

12 Calls/Month  (three times a week)                $80/call

Online Research/Shopping                                  Hourly Rate