I am passionate about transforming disorganized, cluttered spaces into healthy, supportive environments and designing systems that my clients can easily maintain on their own.

My clients include people who are concerned about a holistic lifestyle, are environmentally conscious, and lead active and dynamic lives. They’re typically busy professionals, and busy families who are looking for a level of support, accountability and structure.

Services I offer include:

  • clutter control
  • paper/filing systems
  • storage solutions
  • space planning
  • recycling systems
  • green living tips 

for any room in the house, including  kitchens, closets, kids rooms, crafts rooms and home offices.



$100/hour – (3 hour minimum)

12 hour package – 10% discount ($90/hour)

24 hour package – 20% discount ($80/hour)


What can be accomplished in 12 hours?