Kids' Closet

A double hanging closet rod was added to create more hanging space.

A handbag organizer was also added to hold multiple backpacks. 

Kids' Bedroom

Family Room

After donating 90% of the toys, the family room was returned to it’s original state.


Master Closet

Linen Closet

In order to simplify this linen closet, we purged first, then removed the shoes and replaced with a hanging shelf to store towels. Keeping like items with like makes it easier to access and maintain.


After purging everything with expired dates, the remaining food was divided into two categories: opened and unopened. This system works well when multiple people have access to the pantry, Also, it makes it easy to see what needs to be eaten first before a new package is opened.


Purging was key in creating an easily accessible space for these bakeware items.


Pots & Pans

After my client chose the pots and pans she currently uses, and let go of the rest, 

I was able to store all of them in one cabinet.

Pots Pans After


“Kristin worked tirelessly for hours helping clean my Mother’s apartment out for a move to assisted living. We were fortunate she was available on short notice and truly appreciate her help.”    Chris S