bonus room

The Challenge

A bonus room had become a catch all room for years, and needed to be decluttered in preparation for a possible move.

The Process

Sort like items with like, so client can see the quantity she has before deciding what to keep or donate.

The Result

A decluttered bonus room,
ready to pack should my client relocate.



The Challenge

A couple had moved into their house approximately a year prior, and due to their busy work schedules, didn’t have time to set up their kitchen. Also, they were combining households, so they had duplicates of everything.

The Process

We needed to go through every cabinet and drawer, deciding what to keep and what to donate.

Then, organize according to how often they use everything.

I sorted like items with like, texted photos to the client  (while she was at work), and she replied with what she wanted to get rid of.

The Results

Easily accessible kitchen items, in an uncluttered, functional kitchen. 

Nine shelves of mugs and glasses,, reduced to five. 

Six shelves of bowls and plates reduced to three.