Finding non-toxic products has never been easier!

Good Guide Toolbar Ratings

How can you be sure that the products you are buying for your family are truly safe?  Companies do not have to include every ingredient in product labels per federal law.  Products do not need to go through FDA safety tests before they are released into the market.  Did you know that No More Tears baby shampoo, from Johnson and Johnson, actually contained carcinogens and an array of other toxic chemicals?  (Johnson and Johnson has been working on it's products to make them safer since August of 2012.) 

No need to worry.  The Good Guide Transparency Toolbar is here to help.  The toolbar is a plugin offered by Firefox and Google Chrome.  When you are online and shopping for products, the toolbar will pop up at the bottom of your screen to help you out.  When you are browsing and searching for a product that is included in the Good Guide database, a product rating will appear.  The rating includes the scores the product received in health, environment, and society.  The toolbar supports the major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as Facebook,,, and

There are two major features of the Good Guide Transparency Toolbar that I love.  First, it suggests alternate products that have higher safety ratings, and, second, you can customize the search filters.  Under the customization options, you can set it to nutrition, organic, hazards, and so on.  It will only return results that are relevant to your settings.  To see the complete Good Guide website, go to  You can get the toolbar at